Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tiger Woods -- "I'd do anything for that guy"

Neil Sagebiel

Another side of Tiger Woods at today’s U.S. Open media conference at Torrey Pines.

Q. Your friend Notah Begay is trying to make it back to the TOUR and is struggling with depression. He said you helped him a lot during that time. How did you help him and how did you see or what did you see in terms of his struggles?

TIGER WOODS: Well, Notah, he’s been hurt for such a long time. It’s been, what, six, eight years he’s been hurt. He hasn’t played pain-free until this year. So this is the first time he can actually hit a ball. Notah was in the top-10 driving distance when he first came out. He lost that ability to hit the ball that far.

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